A Call from My Bank


Recently I had a call from the bank I deal with for my business account. They wanted to know about my experiences with their institution. I quickly fessed up that to some extent I compete with them and that my answers could be slightly biased. They insisted that was not an issue. Since I was trying to take some time off—and was having difficulty doing so—I thought, what the heck, if they want to know what I think, why make this the one time I don’t have an opinion.

As the call continued, the representative asked me all sorts of questions about my experiences with the bank. They covered customer service, which I had to say was excellent—because it is. They asked about resolution of any problems that I had in the previous 12 months—again, excellent. 

Then they asked the big one. They wanted to know if I would go to them for business or financial advice. To which my answer of course was a resounding, “no”; I almost went with “hell no,” but I figured that the poor surveyor didn’t deserve such an exuberant reply.

You see, I know the ads on TV tell me all the wondrous advice I can get at that particular institution, but this has never been my experience. I’ve dealt with enough clients over the years to know that the image that is portrayed and what I can expect at my local branch are two very different realties.

So the questions I ask you are these: Does the image you portray in your advertising reflect exactly what your clients experience? Do you ask them? Should you ask them? If your image and your reality aren’t quite aligned, please understand I’m not saying you’re bad, or how you work is wrong; I’d simply like to extend the idea that whatever services or products you  provide you should be proud to market them as they are.

http://bit.ly/dJZHz9 Check out this great blog post by Seth Godin entiteld Raising expectations (and then dashing them)

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