Money Doesn’t Buy Fulfillment.

This past week my favorite magazine arrived. Success Magazine. A few years ago a friend of mine who was in sales and in my networking group gave me a one-year subscription for helping him and listening to his goals. It was one of the best gifts in business I have received to date, and every year I like to give someone else that same gift.

The magazine is amazing enough in itself but the CD included in each issue (for someone who sometimes lives in their car, on the road or an a plane) is a brilliant use of my time. This month the theme was happiness. Deepak Chopra gave an interview for the CD. I love his point that happiness is fleeting and that only fulfillment is long lasting. You see, you can buy happiness, but only for a moment. Deepak insists that the very poor and the very rich often share the same constant obsession with money—for two opposing reasons of course, one obsessed worried about surviving, one obsessed worried about amassing money—a fact that massively reduces happiness. On the other hand, Deepak says fulfillment is a state of being. Fulfillment is long lasting, self-perpetuating and, the best part, totally under your control. While money, or financial stability, will be a part of fulfillment, money alone cannot buy it for you.

Doing financial planning for real life must include all aspects of finance, not just investments and insurance. It also must be done for the clients’ reasons, like spending more time with their family or achieving a life goal of some kind, not to arrive at a certain financial sum. Helping a client create a plan for fulfillment is what we were really made to do. Sure the products help fill in the gaps, but a plan built on a purpose is all that matters to your client.

It’s well worth the investment of less than ten dollars to pick up this month’s Success Magazine. If you like it, subscribe. If you really love it, pass it on!

And no I don’t get a kick back from the magazine for this, it’s just the way I feel and I want to share it with you.


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