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Do you wish your clients would manage their cash flow so they could better fund their financial future?

Are you frustrated that even higher income clients don’t seem to have enough left over to do all you know they should with their money?

Do you wish you had an easy, repeatable cash flow process that your clients would actually follow?

At The Money Finder we want to make sure that every advisor who got in the business to help people, can do that more easily. We also want to ensure that they can measure the value of their advice outside of market return! We don’t know if your business is a fit for our Behavioural Cash Flow System™, which includes our Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ Designation Program. As it turns out, neither do you. And that’s why we make a Fit Consult available, so that you will always make an informed decision!

Many of the advisors we work with see 265% more revenue per client household and for the client it’s even greater at an average of $40,000 impact in the first year of the Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ alone! Can you imagine the power of being able to show your client a quantifiable (non-market related) value of $400,000 over the next 10 years BEFORE you even put their money to work?

Cost is only an issue in the absence of value, make sure you’re maximizing your quantifiable value and it will be simple to show that your value well exceeds your cost. Book your Fit Consult –we can’t wait to learn more about you!

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