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People don’t really get excited about how much their investment account is worth…it’s the things (or time) it can buy them that they’re actually excited about.

People don’t decide, in the moment, not to make their morning coffee run because in 30 years they might retire…at least not for long.

A plan that will actually work has to be about what you want now, what you want short term as well as what sets you up for future success. It’s easier to make a change to that daily routine when you know it’s getting you a trip to Mexico. It just so happens that the right behavioural changes can lead to things you want in the short term (the things you love), which serves to keep you motivated, and things that are good for you in the long term, which may not be as exciting right now.

Do your clients love their plan? Is it about them? Is it exciting?

If you answer no, they need a  Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™


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