Scarcity Math, or Abundance Math?

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I wanted to dedicate a blog post to the topic of investing in you. I find the way you do the math when it comes to investing in training, in particular, determines your success. I’ve used a random but significant amount that you might invest in a good quality training program over the course of a year. So how’s your math?

Scarcity Math: 

Current income                                $100,000

Cost of training                    -$7000

Total Remaining Income              $93,000


…..we are not a fit for you. You see, we’ve found that on average we’re teaching advisors how to double their sales, increase client net worth in as little as 60 days, and give advice clients can feel is invaluable in 10-14 days. We know that for any advisor who uses our training as the investment it is – this is their math:

Abundance Math:

Current income                                $100,000

Investment in training        $7000

Total Impact on Income                $231,000


One of our core values is to lead by example. We don’t ask you to do anything we don’t do in order to facilitate our own growth.

Our math is like the second example. We made two MASSIVE investments in our own training—relative to our size and revenue/profit—last year. #1) Strategic Coach #2) Elite Forum by Infusionsoft. The combination of those two programs and how they’ve changed the way we do business have been huge contributors to our over 500% growth. Not investing in them wouldn’t have saved us a penny, but the cost would have been exponential.

I’ve seen it from everyone I admire, every role model, ever mentor, the investment in my own and our team’s development will be the most effective money we’ll ever spend. So the question is, do you see training as a cost to deduct from the money you already make, or a lever you invest in to exponentially multiply your current income? The choice is yours.

Me? I use Abundance Math. The CCS™ Community? They use Abundance Math too!

We love sharing our knowledge!  Book a time  to find out more if you are a fan of Abundance Math, we should talk!



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