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  • Deep Dive into a Real Behavioural Cash Flow Planning Case Study
  • Learn how to structure your financial practice to boost revenue and free up time while attracting only your ideal client.
  • Learn how to ensure you have your clients’ entire financial picture and how to guarantee they’ll implement their financial plan.
  • Examine the flaws of budgeting; learn what does work and how to give your clients more life from the money they have.
  • Learn how to prove your value to clients by helping them harness their cash flow.

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Stephanie is CEO of The Money Finder and creator of the Behavioural Cash Flow Planning System™ and The Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ Designation. Holmes-Winton is the author of two books on spending and debt, and she regularly appears on television with her own segment, “Money Matters.” Stephanie had a successful decade-long career as an advisor before discovering that her true purpose was to make Behavioural Cash Flow Planning™ a standardized process in financial services. She morphed her vision into a software and online education company in 2013, and the company has experienced triple-digit growth year after year, ever since.